Photography Pricing

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                               SINGLE SHOT        BRACKETED

0-1999 sq/ft               $150                       $200

2000-3999 sq/ft         $200                       $300

4000-6999 sq/ft         $250                       $350

7000+ sq/ft                $300                       $400

Videography Pricing

0-2499 sq/ft                    $500

2500+ sq/ft                     $700
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Twilight                         $100

Drone                             $250

Single Shot


What is difference between single shot and bracketed?

Single shot photos are just as they sound. We take a single photo to capture the shot, a single photo is capable of capturing only a small range of brightness changes within a photo. Because of this you end up with a either a beautiful view that is too bright, or an interior that is too dark.

To remedy this we take a range of photos at different brightnesses. The darker photos capture the bright sky and the brighter photos capture the dark interior, adding a whole new magic to the photos.

While this takes takes a little extra time and work, as you can see above, the difference is worth it!