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To our knowledge, we are the first in the industry to offer cinephotography and are extremely excited to have the opportunity to offer this new service. You may have been hearing all about 4k and Ultra HD TVs in recent years, but what many people haven't realized is that 4k resolution is actually 8MP, which is enormous. This is enough to pull stills from video and make prints and albums from the images. So for the bulk of the day we shoot video, and for the moments of the day that we feel couples might like to have blown up to larger sizes, we simply switch our cameras to photo mode and take a higher resolution, 42MP photos. This allows you to spend less money on having two vendors to do the work of what can now be done with one. Cinephotography is the future and we are super excited to be offering it!

What is it?

   Simply put, CinePhotography is the art of taking an image from film and creating a still photo.

Why is it better?

   We film at 24 frames a second and end up with hours of footage after each wedding. This means we end up with hundreds of thousands of photos. Virtually an endless supply of images meaning we never miss the perfect shot. 

How does it work?

   We show up with at least 5 cameras and three shooters. They spend all day filming and being the creative they are. Once editing begins, we sit down and scroll through all the footage and find the frames to capture and create still images. There are moments of the wedding where we will actually take a still photo (coulple shots, family portraits and wedding party) but many of the photos will come straight from film.

Is it affordable?

   Cinephotography is incredibly affordable. Gone are the days you are forced to hire a photographer and videographer separately.  Cinephoto allows a couple to maintain the high quality they want while spending much less then they would expect. When the tech of Cinephoto is combined with  the creative expression of an experienced Cinephotographer, beautiful photos and videos can be created at prices that can’t be beat.






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This video, from 2012, marks the beginning of our inspiration for cinephotography. It was the first time a camera was released that could easily shoot video to pull still images from. For years we've been waiting for more accessible cameras that would let us do this for weddings. Now that the technology is finally here, we are beyond excited to be one of the first to shoot cinephotography!