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StockhamMedia Now Exclusively Filming in 4K Resolution – Best Quality on the Market!

When you book with StockhamMedia to film your wedding, you are investing in a personal cinematic love story… and now in the highest quality video on the current and future markets.

Announcing exclusive filming in Ultra HD 4K resolution – The first in San Diego! So what does 4K mean? Normal HD video quality consists of 1920 x 1080p pixel resolution. UHD 4K consists of 3840 x 2160p pixel resolution.

4k size

Imagine the best quality video you have ever seen online or in-home, and multiply that quality by four. 4K will soon become the standard in video content nationwide. With StockhamMedia, your love story can be in 4K today.  

4k detail

Your wedding is your future, and with us, you can make it last. *4K Resolution StockhamMedia Wedding Videos play perfectly on current standard HD TV’s and other platforms.

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