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How to create a stunning strategic social media page

When it comes to Social Media, I am all about giving you my two cents so you have everything you need to create beautiful posts that will grab your reader's attention.

Check out our essential branding package features.

Choose a Personal branding package

All personal branding sessions comes with a pre-consultation to plan and prepare for best results. We define where you will be using images so we are sure to create all your website, facebook, and instagram marketing needs.

Once you choose a package that is right for you, we can begin the process of brand clarification that's included with all sessions comes with. To gain deeper understanding of the brand, sharing visuals from pin board and screenshots from social pages that inspire you is always helpful.

The Essential is popular for all your website and 1-2 month's worth of social media content. Or, the classic that allows us more time and locations and up to 3 months of social media content.

After sessions you will have plenty of content to plan and post!


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