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Kathleen and Christopher: Wedding Highlight

Lead Shooter: Rafael Pires | Shooter’s Assistant: Natalie Berry | Editor: Dillan Stockham

When I picked the song, Passenger by Daniel Ellsworth, I was the lyric “You’re all I’ll ever need” that made the song feel like it would resonate with this video perfectly. When you see the way Kathleen and Christopher look into each others eyes you can feel the love and the strong bond they share, which I believe is the most priceless part of any relationship. I was already booked for the 26th of April when Kathleen came to me asking about video. I was able to rely on my good friend and reliable shooter, Rafael Pires, to help with the shoot. He did a wonderful job capturing the moods and atmosphere of this wedding it all came together very well in the editing. Hope you enjoy!

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