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Keelin and Brad | Love Story

How they met, words from the bride:

On July 18, 2013, “Above & Beyond” (Music Company) asked their Facebook followers to share their fan tattoos on their page. I immediately posted one of mine with pride. Brad just happened to be on the exact same page at the same time. Right after I posted my tattoo, he commented on the photo saying how good it looked. After 3 months of “liking” and “commenting” on each others posts, I mustered up the confidence to message him thanking him for his kind words. We talked for about 9 months, until July 2014, when Brad posted a status on Facebook asking for advice on where to go on his next vacation trip… I jokingly commented “come to San Diego.” Well, that afternoon, he booked his flight! Two months later, a very nervous young American woman picked up this strange Aussie bloke at LAX. Congratulations to our Bride & Groom!

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