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My new favorite (little) LED light!

Hey everyone! I thought I’d start my first real post of with a new gem I’ve found with some help from google and This LED light I just got, the W96 II, is actually a “copy” of the Z96 LED light that has become so popular with so many shooters. When buying my new lights I decided to go with a few of the W96 II’s and just get one Z96. I figured the copy would be as nice to use as the original, so I’ll use the original for my weddings and the others for projects where I need many portable LEDs. Well I was wrong. I am far more pleased with the quality of light coming from the copy, W96 II, than the Z96. I like the light stand ball mount better, and it even has a battery meter (that works so so, but is still cool!). I’ve found the Z96 to have a bit of a green tint to it, while the W96 II has a little more magenta, which I find to me more pleasing and accurate on camera. The best part about it is that the W96 II is $20 cheaper than the Z96, which was already affordable to begin with.

Here is the link to the light on Ebay: Buy W96 II LED Light – this link may die eventually since it’s to am Ebay item, but it’s there for now! It should be around $38.00ish.

These are the batteries I use with the lights. I definitely would pick up a couple of these over using AA batteries: Sony F550 Batteries for the W96 II LED Light – and the link for the same battery, but bigger!

Also, make sure you are buying the W96 II, rather than the W96. The version 1 W96 had some issues that had many customers returning their purchases, but the W96 version II is absolutely wonderful!


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