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Wedding Highlight Video: Andriana and Brian

Lead Shooter: Dillan Stockham | Editor: Dillan Stockham

The Day:

The perfect wedding on San Diego’s own Shelter Island! From the scenery of hundreds of sail boats behind Kona Kai Resort to the beautiful bay view, Andriana and Brian’s wedding captured the San Diego Bay lifestyle. We arrived early in the day to capture the getting ready and stayed through most of the reception. Everything stayed on schedule and the weather was beautiful. I worked solo for this wedding, which is different than my usual 2 shooter packages but was kept greatly entertained by the family and friends of this lovely couple. This wedding also featured the Ho’okupu-O-Hawaii Dance Group again!

Technical Stuff:

I shot everything with my beloved 5D mkiii and spent most of the time mounted with my new favorite Sigma (art) 35mm  f/1.4. Shooting solo kept me on the monopod for most of the day, though I did get around to my glide cam 4000 work during the reception. The slider/dolly used for this wedding was the original 3ft Konova slider, probably closest to the current k3 slider from konova. I edited the film on FCPx 10.1 and color graded with FilmConvert Pro. and no job has been synced up with out Plural Eyes 3!

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